Polygon x Swapzone: AMA Recap

(Last Updated On: October 4, 2022)

Hey Swapzoners! On August 23, 2021, at 12:30 pm UTC our marketing and PR specialist Olya had a chance to participate in the Telegram AMA session organized by Polygon. Such an honor for us! We were beyond excited to talk with Chinmay – Polygon AMA guru – about our project. Of course, we couldn’t leave those of you who haven’t had an opportunity to join without a thorough recap of our intense conversation. In the first part, you can read the conversation with Polygon Team, however, the next part is all about community questions. Learn more about Swapzone and spread the word!

Polygon x Swapzone: AMA Recap

Polygon Team Questions

admin: Welcome, Olya, to Polygon Community!🙌

Olya: Hi Polygon Team and Polygon Community! Thanks for having me, I’m truly honored and beyond excited to represent Swapzone here today🚀

admin: For our community, Olya is Marketing and PR Specialist at Swapzone 🔥 Olya can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Olya: Well, as mentioned already, I’m Olya and I’m currently Swapzone’s Marketing and PR Specialist mostly in charge of SEO, social media marketing, and public awareness💯 Creating positive buzz and all these things 🙂

Swapzone’s story and service

admin: Perfect! So how did Swapzone came into the picture? How did it start?

Olya: Glad you asked! Not something that pops up regularly! Firstly, a little clarification: we are an aggregator of exchanges, not an exchange ourselves, it’s a usual confusion when it comes to PR activities. Hopefully, today I’ll set up the point about exchange aggregators and the differences from regular exchanges😅 And now I’ll continue with our story.

There’s a fair bit of storytelling when it comes to our way. No secret that the crypto market has been not just developing rapidly in the past few years. Honestly, it was literally booming, blooming, and all sort of emotionally charged verbs related to growth and prosperity👾

Swapzone's story and service

Our team wanted to deliver a novel idea to the market, something that a great number of people would be fond of using. Portfolio diversification is one of the most widespread investment strategies and we decided to make its implementation simpler, more efficient, and more profitable for the people while keeping it less time-consuming🛰

Here’s where the idea to aggregate the best deals for crypto-to-crypto exchange pairs emerged. I guess that is it: we opted for making an aggregator of exchanges – a novel concept, user-friendly and certainly with an awesome potential to expand🚀

Bit large though that’s how it is😜

Swapzone’s features and uniqueness

admin: Awesome! Can you tell us a bit more about Swapzone and its features?

Olya: Sure, I’ll go with the flow and the way we calculate rates! As mentioned, Swapzone is an aggregator of exchanges. The flow goes like this:

  • aggregate crypto-to-crypto exchange offers for supported cryptocurrency pairs through APIs of more than 15 exchange services
  • send users’ inquiries in
  • get the deals directly from our partners
  • sort the deals out by rate, speed, and rating
  • let users make swaps via chosen providers without leaving our website

Swapzone's features and uniqueness

We have formulas for calculating average exchange times, for providing an average of exchange partners’ ratings, and, of course, the beloved question about the way we get the best rates. We get them directly from our providers, the API integration guide is on our website so transparency is key, anyone can see the tech documentation on how the process is carried out. Oh, also, no KYC or registration is needed on our platform✅

admin: That’s great! What is so special about Swapzone? How is it different from regular DEXes and CEXes?

Olya: This question is logically deriving from the previous since I started with a KYC-free policy. We integrate exchanges APIs, hence, we are a sort of an intermediary between the user and the exchange – pretty much a novel idea back in 2018-2019 when we started the development.

Our platform doesn’t require KYC, verification, or registration. No headaches for the users. Moreover, we don’t store funds anywhere on our platform, there’s no such thing. All the money goes straight to the wallet addresses our users input when they exchange. And of course, plenty of choice – many exchanges, many deals, many currencies.

admin: Exactly, that’s simple and sweet, and users don’t have to worry about anything, that’s cool.

Olya: Thank you! It’s a pleasure to hear😊

admin: So why did Swapzone decided to go for an aggregator of exchanges instead of an exchange?

Olya: As I said, formulas for everything, starting from rates to the ideas😂 Strive for innovation + Will to make mass adoption happen faster + Desire to simplify exchange choice for the users = New service idea, Tons of work and here it is – Swapzone with the star deals🚀

Swapzone's features and uniqueness

Swapzone’s Team

admin: Cool, what can you tell about your team?

Olya: In short: I love my team!❤️ I think they might be partly present here right now, watching us.

We’re all very passionate, young, and hard-working. We enjoy what we do, we strive to provide our customers with a better service each day and, most importantly, we emphasize a personal approach to people. Especially, when it comes to direct communication and support service✨💯

We’re trying to keep our personal information private, that’s why we don’t have that many of pictures on the website. I’m probably the exception since I participate in the AMAs and as a PR specialist, I reveal my identity for the sake of media engagement. Oh, and our team is intercultural and multinational, with all sorts of backgrounds, studies, and experiences. Also a thing I enjoy and believe in its importance when building service for a wide and multifaceted crypto community🙈

Milestones achieved and future plans

admin: Wonderful! What are the major milestones Swapzone has achieved so far, and what can we expect from you guys in the future?

Olya: We actually even have an intriguing roadmap in the footer of our website. From the milestones that we have already achieved, I think the following are of importance: 

  1.  Launch – as for any product or service, a thrilling and truly exhausting milestone
  2. 100+ assets listed – yet another small step to what we’re offering today. By the way, $MATIC was surely among them, before rebranding to Polygon
  3. Interface 2.0 release, the space theme you can see now appeared thanks to our designer!
  4. 10+ exchange partners – step by step expanding our service and adding value for our customers.
  5. Affiliate program – this actually happened this June so a fairly recent milestone. We’re glad to bring more value not only to our users but to our partners as well.

As for future plans, there’re a few of them actually, I think we’ll be having a separate wholesome question about them, aren’t we?🤔

admin: Yep! This looks interesting! What will the future of Swapzone in the DeFi space look like? Can you talk to us about your roadmap?

Olya: Love this one! As mentioned before, the footer on our website has the info on our closest future plans. From there, you can learn that we actually are planning to add fiat to crypto offers as well to make Swapzone a more wholesome aggregator, not limiting the users to cryptocurrency only☺️

At this very moment when I’m having the AMA with you, our dev team is at the release stage of our external API, so let’s show some support to our dedicated devs. Cheers to Nick, our product manager leading the process right now!🚀

We do have more plans, of course, we’re not limited to the roadmap footer on the website. However, we believe it is sometimes good to keep things up our sleeve to keep the community on the edge of their seats😉

How to contact Swapzone?

How to contact Swapzone?

admin: Cheers!🥂 Before we conclude, I think there are many in the community who would like to join Swapzone and stay up to date with all the news. What’s the best way to keep in touch?

Olya: We’re generally very responsive and there’s no problem in reaching out, Polygon Team could have seen that through our communication. 

We do have all the main contacts on our website: CEO, Product Manager, and me, we check our email constantly so we’ll see your inquiry.

We can also proudly say that our social media are our strong communication channel as well. Twitter, Reddit – DMs are open and we check on them every day. We post most of the updates on Twitter but we’re currently also hands-on developing the social media strategy for Reddit (cheers to our new community manager!)

And I’m personally praising our support team here – they’re online 24/7 and if you address our support email – they’ll get in touch and resolve your issues.

admin: Last but not least, If I missed anything, or you want to highlight something about Swapzone?

Olya: You did an amazing job having me today, a pleasure being your guest! I think the only point to highlight is that Swapzone is an aggregator of exchanges NOT an exchange😅 Just kidding

admin: Let’s hear it from the community now!

How to contact Swapzone?

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